Instagram South Africa comes to Avontuur for an Instawalk!

We were blessed with awesome weather on our first Instawalk in partnership with Instagram South Africa on the 30.10.2016


Bloggers, photographers, foodies, and all other interesting people were invited to join us on a gentle walk around the estate.

Image by @zeepix

We started off in true Avontuur style with bubbles on the patio and once everyone had arrived we made our way down to the paddocks where we were hoping to see some of the babies!

Image by @dirmu

Photo’s by @noor_jehan_, @psychedelicempath, @liezl_photogrphy, @dirmu.

After spending time with the mares and foals, we made our way up to the dam which is nestled between the vineyards…

Images by @zeepix, @liezl_photography, @kristovtrollip, @noor_jehan_.

Not only is Avontuur estate magnificently photogenic (!) but as is apparent by these beautiful images, the photographers are mega talented too!

Behind the scenes by @psychedelicempath
Image by @liezl_photography

Pictures by @richardhaubrich, @kristovtrollip, @trinityrudner

What a wonderful experience for all involved. We will most certainly do it again and a huge thank you to Instagram South Africa, Richard Haubrich and all who participated.

Please show them all some love by following their instagram accounts:

@instagram_sa, @richardhaubrich, @kellyhaubrich, @trinityrudner, @psychedelicempath, @vuurtoring, @noor_jehan_, @liezl_photography, @dirmu , @ciskiahanekom ,@matthew_verwey and @zeepix.



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